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the · smile · just · melted · off · your · face · and · stained · your · shirt

as sounds echo through crowds and shower our homes

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i'm glad i posted about ONNS.
becuase they're the best.
ben just reminded me LJ existed so here i am. we're getting drunky and FB chatting cuz we're dumb cunts.
i um. have been running around like a nut as usual and hanging with my favorite anarbors and venetia fairs. the onns guys are in jerz recording and that is so close but sitll too far for me to comprehend. i hope they will still be around saturday because i want to surprise them by visitn.g cuz they're our favorite humans on the planet.

i'm watching 1408 right now thanks to niki reminding me it existed. i'm not really paying tha tmuhch attention because of internet add and talking to too many people at the same time and not being 100% coherent but its fine.

i miss everyone always as usual.


i'm moving to cali in hopefully sept/oct for more school out there, my assoc in web, but at least i'll be in the state i want to be in so hopefully that will make life more tolerable.

why is nick cage almost invisible. i think the movie just ended and i don't know what hpepned. i need to rewind and watch it for real now.
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life with vinnie caruana in it once every few weeks makes me feel normal.
his solo gig in RI was a drunken mess w/cailin and perfect and his shirts are sexy kinda like him.
went to visit him and mikey at mason dixon before and after the CZ show in NYC
cutest bar ever. vin's a huge enabler so kept handing me booze and charging me nothing<3. APPRECIATE IT HOMIE.
uhhhhh, the cz show was nasty awesome, i wish i had a clearer memory though. i found skully at the bar and that made my whole night 1000000 times better he was such a surprise. dancing and humping and random things.
got lost for a sec in nyc, cabbie helped me out. i should be more careful but it's fine. more vin to come in about a week in brooklyn i think im not sure but i like it. then he's touring with HTL and sparks maybe? so i'll be at a few of those in november. love life.
roger TAP's last gig was funfunfun and a bit sad but i was having too much fun to be that sad.
ilovejim and it's sort of a problem. it sort of hurts.
but i wish..... it was..... not a problem and it could happen and that girlfriends didnt exist and that the only guys i want/want me didnt have gfs already coughcoughcoughcoughcoughEVERYONE. cries.

ok good rantwhinevent im going to sleep cobra tomorrow.
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so i've been realizing that this summer has basically been killing.
aside from sucking at school and stressing too much over it, i've been having the mfing time of my life.
shows and hangs and travels and fun.

next weekend is va with dad and vickie, then nyc to hang with vin and watch him play some musics.
camping the weekend after.
a week of not much, andrew detorres and erick bowley and fred. gotta make sure sister is coming to that.
cubic zirconia headline in nyc, hopefully more of the cc crew will be there to party hearty.

i feel sorta sick i can't decide if i want a cig or a vom sesh.
there is a spider INSIDE My computer right now. between the screen and the casing.
i can see him crawling around.
i don't know if i can do anything abou this it makes me want to cry.


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"yeah i mean...18-22
you don't know shit
or what you really want
just ideas of what sounds good
and not knowing makes life interesting
because then you can surprise yourself"

someone random that doesn't need to be named said this to me.
i liked it, because i'm terrified about not knowing what i want my life to turn into.
and instead of being scared shitless about what's going to happen, looking at it as a surprise makes things way more fun.

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SO i wish i had patience and time to blablabla about my ridiculous weekend, but i think im just gonna note a few things and pretend im going to write more later.

dp is .... out of his fucking mind and i love him to death.
nj sucks balls and agree with kel that it should be ripped out of the us and sent out to sea.
cc dance parties at the tribeca = mess and a half. in a goodbad way.
i met too many people i dont remember and wish i remembered.
i met a lot of people that i do remember and i'm glad about it.
i also wish i had memory of tbs playing, but that's whatever.
i love running into iata guys when i'm hoping for it but not expecting it.
i hate 12 dollar drinks, but not when they are so strong that i only really need one and then get 3 instead.
i love nick and tiombe and todd and CZ and love them for saving my ass.
and making ridiculous witty quips. and singing tracy chapman. and rapping.
and talking about big dicks. and drawing big dicks. and. orgies. and. shit. :( <3

OK THIS DESERVES ITS ON FUCKING POST. or. universe dedicated to itself:
head automatica's new music is beyond perfect.
i dont even know what's going on or how to handle it.
it. really. is. absolutely. perfect. and makes me feel things music has not made me feel in a while.
and i am pretty sure fuck every other band that ever existed HA are my life.
and i'm scared for the new gj because if it's as good as it probably will be i'm not sure if i am going to have the capacity to understand.

my sepia toned face on twitter might be getting an update when i get my new glasses. there are a few people i will have to warn about that.

i guess that's all i have to go catch up on forty years of homework that i put off because i was partying too hard for life and having a blast. people should stop telling me "you only live once" its dangerous for my career. (aka don't ever stop because i love being irresponsible and having the time of my life because it's true. i will only live once. and cz and i are not afraid.)

edit: skanking in great scott w dp = WE ARE BOTH HUGE MESSES.
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REALLY!?!?!? REALLY REALY? wtf godnight.
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daryl palumbo and i might be married and i'm not sure what the fuck life is.
i just know he "looks at (my) sepia toned face like 6 times a day" and that "we're homies" and that..... i'm going o fucking kill him. i don't even know. what is going on. at all. we. are. bff. and. that. is. the. end. of. the. story.

katie is anne hathaway and leanna grew up on a farm. and. daryl is a huge pimp.
and i'm pretty sure everyone involved is fine with it because he's perfect and he could SO GET IT in like.... not even a second.


ps cubic zirconia KILLLLLLLL and the new head auto shit is going to be more perfect than anyone could have ever imagined and i think i had sex like 42 times tonight. oh and i know that ska kid that was hanging with daryl since i was itty bitty like... 11 years old. WHAT IS LIFE. tell daryl to be in it always. <3333333333333

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the amount of entries i have that include the words "first of all, the world doesn't revolve around movielife"
is almost disgusting.
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